Psychiatry & Medication Management

Managing Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction is very often accompanied by mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.  At Turnbridge, we believe in an integrated approach to treating co-occurring disorders.

Psychiatric evaluations, consultations, and medication management services are provided to Turnbridge clients by an experienced team of psychiatric providers, who specialize in working with clients who have substance use disorders.  Turnbridge believes that medication can be a powerful aid in the recovery process if provided in conjunction with counseling and psychotherapy. 

The Turnbridge psychiatric team consists of a Staff Psychiatrist and two advanced-practice psychiatric nurse practitioners, who are deeply committed to educating and empowering clients to become better self-advocates and consumers of mental healthcare. 

We will typically work with clients to decrease their reliance on medication over time as they learn to manage symptoms through healthy lifestyle changes.  Optimizing medications and dosages is important to maximizing the therapeutic benefit while minimizing side-effects and dependency risk.